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Why Trust Us

Expert Mechanics

Heart of Spades employs ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanics that also hold their MECP certification (Mobile Electronic Certified Professional). This gives us the ability to service anything on wheels including ATV’s, UTV’s.

Honest Pricing

We do things by the book — literally. Body shops and garages use reference guides that estimate the number of hours required to perform common repairs. HOS Garage will always provide an upfront and honest estimate prior to completing any repairs. We encourage our clients to ask questions to ensure they are fully educated.

Trusted By Our Clients

Since opening our doors, we are proud to say we have the loyalty of over 500 customers. HOS Garage is not only trusted by individuals, we are proud to also serve companies with any of their fleet vehicle repair and maintenance needs.

Vendor Relationships

We pride ourselves in building prime relationships with vendors who carry and deliver the parts necessary to get the job done! This allows us to ensure we have exactly what we need and when we need it to help you get back on or “off road”.

That's Not All!

HOS Garage offers aftermarket parts including rims, tires, lift kits, lighting, stereo systems, and more! Follow us on Facebook to stay tuned on some of our latest projects and builds.

Services We Provide

Engine & Computer Diagnostics

Performing a car diagnostic can reveal a number of problems associated with many components of the vehicle. Performing a car diagnostic test can save the mechanic a lot of time troubleshooting a problem and also save the customer money because they don’t always have to pay for a complete mechanical check.

Lube, Oil and Filters

Oil is the lifeblood of the engine in your car or truck. The oil circulates through the engine and picks up any number of contaminants (in simple terms, dirt). That “dirt” can damage your engine and over time, bring the engine to its death. Plain and simple, routine oil changes are a must.

Air Conditioning Service

Vehicle air conditioning was once a great luxury, but is now a must in hot temperatures. Annual car air conditioning Inspection is suggested check system condition and overall performance. Did you know, its estimated you lose 20-30% of the initial AC charge over a few year period? Service of the car air conditioning system should be should be carried out at least every two years even if it appears to be working well.

Brake Service

Your vehicle's braking system is an important piece of the safe-driving puzzle. Ensuring your brakes, rotors, abs system, and other components of the breaking system are up to par can make a vast difference when stopping. Servicing your breaking system is key to your safety .

Performance Upgrades

HOS Garage offers a wide range of performance upgrades including exhaust systems, superchargers, headers, intakes, suspension, lift kits and more.

After Market Accessories

Aftermarket accessories create the customized look you desire. HOS Garage offers a variety of aftermarket accessories ranging from stereos and TV’s, bumpers, wheels, tires and more.

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